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S.K Industries is a reputed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a wide range of quality industrial drill machine, distinctively designed for the professional who demands high quality and heavy duty products built to last. This range of a drill machine is manufacture to the highest standards which conform to ISO quality standards.  The offered range of the drill machine performs the same basic operation; however, each machine type boasts unique aspects and specific capacity.

The offered range of drill machine is immensely sought after machinery in various industrial segments such as wood working, metal working, construction quarries for conveying determined size and depth of the hole precisely and conveniently. Besides this, it also has proven its proficiency in conveying tapping, reaming, countersinking, counterboring and spot facing accurately.

The robust construction of this drill machine enables for the smooth, precise and convenient handling of any high end and heavy duty drilling operations, thanks to the manufacturing team to pay outrageous attention towards the quality of the material. Further, the machine has set new standards in the market for its absolutely vibration free and noise free operation, are two foremost concerns, when it comes to drill machine.

We provide this range of drill machine in the standard specification and also provide according to the particular needs and bespoke specifications of the buyer, regardless of where they are destined for the market or for a specialized industrial application.



We are known as a wide range drill machine provider in the market, be it for the light duty drill machine use or heavy duty use, our motto is to fulfill needs of every coming customer. It means, at here you can find what you need here for, an extensive range of the drill machine which can be customized too, as per your specification requirements.


Tougher the material used in the  manufacturing of the drill machine, tougher the material one can handle smoothly and conveniently, and hence we have used a tougher material of the highest quality to proffer you a range of the drill machine that is commendable to withstand toughest application and continue to operate in the most demanding industrial applications too.


Our pledge for the continual service and support for every product we sell and supply. Our skillful team of the service and support is available beside you and ensure that provide satisfactory support by profoundly understanding your queries. If you want to experience or have any question in regard to our product, we are only a phone call away.


S.K. brand is a trustworthy name, when it comes to the quality, and for the same has earned considerable reputation in the local and global market. The every piece of the drill machine we manufacture is stringently tested on the several quality measures to ensure its conformity, former labeling brand name and packing for shipping, hence we guarantee for the highest quality of each.

From the standard sized drill machine to the bespoke drill machine, you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for amidst our exhaustive range of the drill machine manufacturer, tools and other machines available. With the quality, combined with the industry leading ratings and expertise in the allied domain makes S. K brand a top choice to order drill machine you can rely on.

Influential advantages of S.K Drill Machine :

  • S.K. drill machines, manufactured in India to the highest standard by investing in the pioneering technology
  • The entire manufacturing of the drill machine is achieved under strict quality control process and hence is accredited with an ISO 9001:2000
  • In order to deliver high quality, we have invested a considerable amount in the cutting edge machinery, facilities and workforce
  • The machinery is frequently tested and upgraded in order to enhance the efficiency and thus produce a range of drill machine at competitive rates
  • We are armed with virtuoso engineers and well versed technicians, also trained to aware with new technology and how to capitalize it.
  • We have a large supply chain of the distributor and dealers worldwide, exudes our presence and fame
  • Our sales & support team provides absolute before and after sales service attentively
20mm Precision Drill Machine

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S.K.Industries was incorporated in Ahmedabad Gujarat India.Company is pioneer and leading manufacturer of vast range of drilling machines. SKI has wide experience of manufacturing quality Drill Machine, Standard Drill Machine, Industrial Drill Machine, Drill Manufacturer Exporter, Drill Machine Manufacturer, Drill Machine Supplier, High Speed Drill Machine, Industrial Drilling Machine, High Speed Drill Machine, Drilling Machines, Tapping Machines, Drill Vices and other machineries. Close quality control check is required to manufacture our products, strictly as per relative standards Our Vast 60 years experience in his field make us leaders.